Hacking Sales

The Playbook for Building a High Velocity Sales Machine


The world of sales is a $500 billion industry that employs over 15 million people in the USalone. However, only a handful of colleges offer degrees in sales and most MBA programs don't offer a single sales class.

Business executives and investors have realized that a good sales team will make or break your business. As data and technology become cheaper to access, and more well-educated people choose careers in sales; the world of sales is undergoing a massive transformation. Consider this book your degree in modern sales. I call it Sales Hacking.

In Hacking Sales, you'll learn how to build a fully streamlined sales engine using new technology built for salespeople along with innovative new techniques. I showcase over 150 tools throughout the book, as we walk through the processes behind building an fully efficient sales machine.

Some of them include:
  • Building your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Finding theses Ideal Customers by the thousands
  • Getting Contact Info at Scale
  • Different Strategies for Targeting Prospects
  • How to Properly Segment Lists for Mass Emailing
  • Building, Testing, Measuring, Optimizing Email Campaigns
  • Hiring, Training, Managing Outsourced Sales Development Teams
  • Best Practices for Nurturing Leads
  • Negotiations, Objections, and Closing the Deal
  • The Art of Getting Referrals During the Honeymoon Period
  • Plus Bonus Material and Much More
With tools like:
  • Salesforce
  • Datanyze
  • SalesLoft
  • ToutApp
  • Spiderbook
  • Mattermark
  • InsideView
  • DataHug
  • Import.io
  • Toofr
  • Clearbit
  • Conspire
  • Socedo
  • Connectifier
  • And more
Whether you're an entrepreneur or early sales hire trying to build a company from scratch, or a sales rep or manager at a large corporation trying to compete, this book is for you.

What You Get

  • 148 pages of sales training ebook
  • PDF format

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Max Altschuler
Max Altschuler

Max is the CEO and founder of Sales Hacker, Inc. He's always been fascinated with sales, psychology, technology, and entrepreneurship and considers himself an entrepreneur first and a salesman second. He was the first sales hire at Udemy, an online education company, and built the process that launched the instructor side of its marketplace.

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